Art Show

Photo by Cat Trzaskowski

The 2018 Arisia Art Show had 1319 for-sale and 53 not-for-sale originals, and 1888 copies of 449 prints, on 124 panels and 25 tables. Of these, we sold 353 originals and 584 copies of 247 prints to 487 different buyers for a total of $30,254 plus tax. Out of 84 artists, 71 sold work.  We had a total of 4251 visits to the show.

Sales per panel ranged from $0 to $755 with a median of $144 and an average of $203.04. Original sold piece prices ranged from $1 to $750 with a median of $30 and an average of $55.66.  Print sold piece prices ranged from $3 to $85 with a median of $17 and an average of $18.16.  Artist checks were mailed on February 12.

Located in the Harbor Ballroom on the east side of the Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel, Arisia's art show featured work by over 80 artists including our Artist Guest of Honor Ashe Samuels, hung salon style on 500 linear feet of portable wall space. Subject matter included science fiction, fantasy, space, and other speculative subjects, in a wide variety of media. Most work was for sale, and prints were available of many works.

More data about the Art Show, including sales statistics, are available on the 2017, 2016, and 2015 websites.

Art Show Hours

Thursday, January 11, 2018
8pm to 11pm: Artist Check-in
Friday, January 12
noon to 5pm: Artist Check-in
6pm to 9pm: OPEN
Saturday, January 13
10am to 6pm: OPEN
7pm-8pm: open for mobility aid users only
8pm to 10pm: OPEN
Sunday, January 14
10am to 6pm: OPEN
7pm to 9pm: Quicksale Pickup and Artist Check-out
Monday, January 15
10am to 1pm: Final Pick-up and Artist Check-out

We gave the following awards:

Author Guest's Choice: "Dragon Clock" by Butch Honeck
Artist Guest's Choice: "Procession" by I. S. Kallick
Fan Guest's Choice: "Seeking Balance" by Theresa Mather
Comics Industry Guest's Choice: "Amillo" by Kimberly's Creatures
Staff Choice: "Bounce" by Kimberly's Creatures
Director's Choice: "From Up Here" by Chris Mindle
Director's Choice: "Cosmic Owl" by Tracy Levesque
Chairman's Choice: "Qiodrias" by Arrionna Wagoner
Popular Choice 2D: "Tree Witch" by Ruth Sanderson
Popular Choice 3D: "Catch of the Day" by David Lee Pancake
Best In Show: "Harbinger" series by Elizabeth Leggett