Art Show Reservations

Art Show Panels
Art Show panels being set up, showing structure and pegboard
Art Show Lights
Art Show light fixtures being set up
Art being hung
Art being hung during artist checkin hours

Applications for the Arisia 2018 Art Show have closed.

We may be able to accommodate a few artists from our waiting list.

Art Show Waiting List FAQ

Do I need to upload an image of my work when applying for the show?

Yes, we definitely want to see an image for use in our show catalog and to help us with placing artists in the show.

Does it help my chances to provide a web site or a short description of my body of work?

Yes, these are just as helpful for the waiting list as they were for the application process.

Does it help my chances to sign up for less space?

No, if we get to you before we have all the space you want, we'll ask if you can work with the smaller amount of space.

Do Arisia staff get preference on the waiting list?

Yes. If you'd like to join Arisia staff, please contact @email. But this is neither required nor a guarantee.

When can I expect to find out if I've gotten in?

We might have space available any time between November 1 and at the convention itself.

How long will I have to pay, if I am accepted?

That depends on when the space becomes available, but we'll try our best to give you a reasonable payment window.

Plenty of other information is available in the Rules and Fees. If you are not familiar with science fiction art shows, there is a useful description on this page. Anne E G Nydam took a nice photo of her art up on our panels. And Kristina Carroll has a blog entry with a nice pic of how prints hang in the show.

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You will be leaving the Arisia website and going to to sign up for the Art Show.