Accessibility At Arisia

Arisia is committed to being a diverse and inclusive event that attempts to provide accommodation for people with disabilities.

Arisia has the following services for attendees, available by request:

  • Alternative format publications: electronic text, Braille and large-format versions of publications
  • ASL interpreters (by request) and CART services for Masquerade (deadline Dec 31)
  • Priority seating for persons with disabilities
  • Tactile tour of the Art Show (Saturday at 4 pm)
  • Free memberships for PCAs (Personal Care Assistants — also called “Adult-in-tow memberships”)
  • Assistive Listening Devices available for some events in the Marina Ballrooms. There will be a schedule posted at the convention for these.

If you cannot stand for long periods of time and need to bypass event lines (like for Masquerade) or if you need priority seating for large events due to mobility, sight or hearing, see the Information Desk for a sticker for the back of your badge. You may also email @email for details.

At the convention, the Info desk (near the elevators in the Westin lobby) will have large-print and Braille materials, including the Restaurant Guide, menus for the food trucks, and MBTA Silver Line schedules. Info Desk is open from 8:30 every morning and closes at 11:30 PM on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday it closes at 8:30.

If you have any questions about accessibility or if you would like to request some sort of accommodation, please send an email message to @email. We'll try our best to accommodate your needs.

ASL requests

We have had no requests for ASL at Arisia, so we will not have interpreters.

Hotel Needs

The Westin is now sold out and the wait list is closed. If you already have a reservation at The Westin and need a particular type of hotel room such as low floor or a bathroom with grab bars, or need something specific like one of the Westin’s manual wheelchairs, please fill out the Special Request form with your confirmation number.

Attendees staying at the overflow hotel, the Aloft, do not need to fill out the form, but are encouraged to email @email with information about their needs, as well as any questions or concerns. We are happy to report that the Aloft has over 30 accessible rooms, and a range of services for guests.

There is more information on our Hotel page.


This year, we will be running a shuttle between The Westin and the Aloft. Shuttle information is online at our main Hotels & Food page.

Quiet Room

We have a Quiet Room in The Westin, a space to take a break from the noise and chaos of the con and those omnipresent fluorescent lights. This year we will be in the living room of a suite, in room 567.

To help people with allergies, we request that this be a food-free space. This space will also have a restroom with no gender designation. People of all genders are welcome to use that restroom.


Arisia makes full use of the hotel facilities. Events are spread out, and a significant amount of walking will be required. There are a number of places to sit and rest in the hallways, in large corridors outside the ballrooms, near the panel rooms, and in the main lobby of the hotel. However, we recommend that if you use mobility aids, you should bring them or arrange a rental for the convention.

The hotel does have some manual wheel “push” wheelchairs available by request through the innkeeper (@email). The hotel also has 2-3 rental scooters, but we strongly recommend that anyone interested make arrangements well ahead of time.
Contact Penfield’s Business Center
Phone: (617) 532-4635
Email: @email

Service Animals

As with past years, Arisia is happy to welcome attendees with service animals. People with allergies should note that we expect a number of attendees with dogs, so they should medicate accordingly. We also ask that everyone respect the working animals and give them appropriate space. Please do not pet or otherwise distract service animals unless invited to do so by their owners.

Priority Seating

We will be offering priority seating at large events for attendees who need it. Please email @email if you are interested in signing up, or see the Information Desk in the Westin lobby during the convention.

Feedback on Access at Arisia

If you have ideas about how we might improve Access Services, or if you would like to volunteer to help, we would love to hear from you. Please email @email.