Information for Professionals

I am a professional author/artist/editor/publisher. How could I get involved with Arisia?

We love to have experts from many areas speak on our programming. If you are interested in being a program participant, please see our program participation page. Arisia is a non-profit convention and can not offer any general participants a per-diem, hotel accommodations or other forms of reimbursement other than green room access and registration. For further information on these topics, contact @email

If you would like to display and sell your work at Arisia, consider the Art Show or Dealer's Room.

This year, Arisia is offering the Indie*Expo that includes authors, artists, game designers & developers, and other craftspeople who want to connect with their fans in participatory and interactive ways. Whether it's selling signed copies of your books, getting people excited about a new makerspace or scientific society, or brainstorming your latest awesome idea with engaged fans, Indie*Expo is the place for you.