Party Host Rules

(This page was previously called the "Party Host Guide". The Suite and Party Host Instructions page has step-by-step instructions and links to get you started.)

Thank you for offering to host a party at Arisia! As a convention, Arisia enjoys parties, and wants them to be a good experience for all involved. These rules can help us achieve that goal. Please read all of this page, in order to have the best possible preparation for Arisia party hosting

Something that's essential to decide is whether your party is Open or Closed:


  1. The whole convention is invited; all convention members are welcome, space permitting.
  2. An open party keeps the door open or ajar.
  3. Most room-sized Open Parties are located in the Open Party Block.
  4. You MAY advertise your open party publicly, in the appropriate locations. There will be a Party Board where you can announce your open party. You may also advertise it on social media, within reason.
  5. The newsletter will try to list open parties if they are posted on the Party Board before the newsletter deadline. You may also email @email with the salient details, to make sure your open party is listed.
  6. Serving of alcohol or other intoxicants is NOT allowed at an open party.


  1. The party must be by invitation only.
  2. Closed parties must keep the doors closed except when someone is entering or exiting.
  3. Closed parties may NOT be advertised using posters, flyers, the Arisia party board, the Arisia newsletter, or the other public options that are available to open parties. Posting publicly about your party in convention space, real or virtual, is not permitted.
  4. You may not utilize Arisia's social media to advertise your party.
  5. Arisia’s corkage waiver does not include alcohol.
  6. If you serve alcohol, you must check ID (government issued photo id). The legal drinking age in Massachusetts is 21.
  7. Keep noise at the ID checking station low, particularly if outside the door of the party.
  8. You cannot have anything with money (tips, selling cups, etc.) happen at the ID checking station.
  9. The person checking ID should remain sober until their task is completed.
  10. You may not serve alcohol to anyone that appears to be drunk (you may be liable for any subsequent injuries or damage that they sustain or cause).
  11. No alcohol can leave a closed party space.
  12. A party cannot change from open to closed on the same evening. If you would like to host an open and a closed party on Arisia weekend, we ask that you host them on different nights.

General Party Rules:

  1. Please review Arisia's Code of Conduct: This Code of Conduct will be in force at all parties at Arisia.
  2. Anyone hosting a party, helping to run a party, or reserving a room in the Arisia hotel block must be a member of the convention.
  3. Noise complaints are the #1 reason that parties are shut down at any convention, but of course we try to avoid those problems at Arisia. Please keep noise to a minimum, in order to avoid someone being called to shut down your party.
  4. The Westin is entirely smoke-free. This includes e-cigarettes, vaping, and cannabis products. You may not allow smoking of any sort at your party.
  5. You cannot have any sort of cover charge for your party, although a tips or donations jar inside the party is okay, but not near the drinks.
  6. We encourage parties (especially ones that might be a bit noisy) to have adjacent rooms occupied by hosts, friends of the hosts, people associated with the party, etc. These rooms are often referred to as "buffer rooms". Please have your esteemed associates fill out the Special Request Form after they make their reservations, and confirm their plans with you. Your party organizer should work with the Party Czar at @email to make sure that the right people get the right rooms.
  7. The person filling out the Party Hosting form should be the person hosting the party. If this changes, please notify @email so we can provide the proper person with any updates and needed information.
  8. If you decide to change your party details from what you've initially listed on the Party Hosting Form, please notify @email
  9. Signage rules at the Westin are very strict. Party flyers and/or other advertising should be affixed to the official Arisia signboards that are set up in key locations for your posting pleasure Please do not attach your materials to any walls, doors, elevators, or any other part of the hotel except the designated Arisia signboards.
  10. Do not post any party flyers in the overflow hotels.
  11. If you have leftover party supplies, please consider letting us know that you'd like to have another party on a different night. You can also donate your supplies to another party. If you are not certain what other parties might exist, you can email @email for assistance.
  12. Be aware that there are other hotel guests in rooms around your party, including sometimes non-Arisians! Be considerate of your neighbors, and responsive to requests that you lower your noise levels.
  13. Exercise discretion when bringing in outside food and beverages to the hotel, when your room is cleaned, etc.. Please also be discreet when transporting or storing party supplies.
  14. Registered parties can request ice delivery from the hotel, although this service is no longer free. If you did not request delivery when you initially filled out the Party Hosting Form, please notify @email before December 30th with the day and time you would like your ice delivered at con. There is a charge of
    2.00 per pound for ice, and in the past the hotel has been delivering 30lb bags. There is no guarantee we will be able to fulfill requests made after December 30th.
  15. After your party is over, please make sure the hallway outside your party is clean, and take care of any debris you find.
  16. We strongly encourage you to tip housekeeping well after you host a party. Please also tip the bellmen if you use them to bring in your supplies.
  17. Please disseminate this page to all people involved in organizing and running the party.

If you fail to follow these guidelines, you risk your party being shut down, among other potential consequences. We would like you to have a fun party, and avoid negative consequences. Let's have fun together!