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Dragon Kaseraak Books

Dragon Kaseraak Books logo

Dragon Kaseraak Books is the trade name for publishing books written by James A. Whitney. His latest work is The Elven Comedienne, a humorous fantasy set in a modern United States that includes magic, elves, dwarves, and orcs, in which a human private detective and elven comedienne team up to try to thwart a plot to enslave the Elven Goddess of Love. His books also include the science fiction book One Regret and the six-book fantasy series, The Dragon Kaseraak Series

More information about all of his books, including excerpts of each book, can be found at



White Giant RPG Studios, LLC

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"Last Dream: World Unknown"
by White Giant RPG Studios, LLC

Last Dream: World Unknown is a classic style JRPG set in a huge non-linear world. Our team's goals were to immerse the player in a world of choice. From the outset of World Unknown, you can customize your party, difficulty, encounter rate, saving options, and much, much more! You are in control of your characters’ strengths and weaknesses against the epic adventures that await you! Comes with a free 900 page strategy guide to help you in your adventure.



Guard Up!

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Guard Up! Family Swordsmanship is located in Burlington, MA and surrounding areas. Our Wizards & Warriors™ and Zombie Summer Camps and School Breaks are an educational adventure to remember.

Each STEM-based Wizards & Warriors™ and Zombie (with NERF Blasters) event involves and ongoing story line filled with mystery, monsters, and fun education where your child or teen has the opportunity to experience their imagination coming to life. Adventurers dress in costume, learn safe sword skills with our special foam swords, and then enter a realm where the plot unfolds. How they proceed depends upon their own decisions and actions as well as how much they can learn about science, literature, history, and more. As they progress, they earn Skill Tokens which they can spend on special powers or skills. And each week, the adventure picks up where it left off…so the adventure is fresh and exciting each time.

Guard Up Family Swordsmanship also offers weekly classes, birthday parties, events, other programming for humans of all ages who need a break from reality. Weekly classes include topics like Historical Weaponry, Fencing, and Live Action Role Playing and more for all ages. The emphasis is more on personal growth and technical development of your sword or fencing skills than competitive training. The environment is renowned for being creative, interactive, fun and welcoming to all skill levels — from complete beginners to advanced students.

To check out an amazing article NPR released on Guard Up, click here. To find out more about Guard Up! Family Swordsmanship, go to


Learn Larp LLC

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Learn Larp, LLC is an educational consulting and game design company focused on the power of role-playing games as co-created participatory experiences that build empathy, collaboration, problem-solving, critical thinking and awareness. We are founded in the tradition of European larp companies that use larp in basic, secondary and higher education to meet content and soft-skills-related learning objectives, and to help communities deal with complex social, political, and environmental issues.

Afon Art Studios
Dancing Canvas

Afon Art Studios
Instagram: @walkerafonart


Dancing Canvas

Makeup, face and body painting for all you wedding, theater, private and corporate event needs. (under construction but there is a landing page with contact information)
Instagram: @dancingcanvas


Beer Star Games

Beer Star Games banner

Beer Star Games is a new, small-press publisher of tabletop role playing games and card games. Our mission is to bring you easy to use, creative, quality content that you can afford. Games like:

Pulp! The RPG is a rules light game designed to facilitate fast, creative play. Players control powerful heroes from the very beginning, with no leveling system, so you always have all your options available to you.

BEARD! a ridiculous romp through reality as you compete with your friends to grow the first truly epic beard! A beer & pretzel styled card game for 2-6 players.

Space High School Apocalypse. You live in the educational, satellite facility Space High School. The Monitor is the super computer AI keeping things running day to day, so there’s no need for any distracting adults. Just like in regular Earth Dirt High School your social ­­­standing is the most important thing to you as a student. Everyone is plugged into SpaceBook, the future’s preferred social network where the Hall Monitor automatically updates each SpaceBook page with your current social status whether you like it or not. The Hall Monitor says humiliation builds human potential. A card game for 3-8 layers that uses standard playing cards.

Ace Adventure. Time Travel. Giant Monsters. Social Justice? Coming soon.


Evil Overlord Games


Susurrus logo

Evil Overlord Games is the conspiracy of geeks that make the urban fantasy interactive fiction game,Susurrus: Season of Tides. Among the beast's many tentacles are creatures from the larp-writing, theatrical, literary, and game industry dimensions of reality. Together we strive to make emotionally compelling, deep-narrative game worlds where your choices matter.


Susurrus is free to play at