Arisia Activity Hubs


In addition to scheduled items such as panels and workshops, Arisia has hubs of activity that are open for long periods of time during the convention - some are even 24 hour. All hubs require that you wear your attendee badge clearly displayed in order to be admitted to the hub rooms.


Art Show

Arisia’s art show runs from Friday night to Monday morning and features works by over 80 artists in a variety of media. Here you’ll find paintings, photographs, drawings, and other forms of hanging art, as well as 3D art such as jewelry, ornaments, and sculptures. Most of the art is for sale in the show via a fixed price shown with the work. The art show also has a print shop and a section for our Student Art Contest entries.

Before you enter please check your bags, purses, backpacks, and the like at the table outside and while in the show please don’t photograph the artworks. Do pick up a form to vote for your favorite pieces.



Arisia’s gaming rooms host both planned and open gaming. The tabletop gaming room in Harbor is open 24 hours. You can check out a game from the collection inside, bring your own games to play, or sit at one of the stations in the video game room. If you’d like to GM a game there are sign-up sheets to reserve time and space and we’ll help you find players.

As with any space that has a lot of enthusiastic people in it, the gaming rooms can get loud. We ask that you be respectful of your fellow players. Please help keep the gaming rooms neat and usable by the next players to sit down.


Anime & Video

Arisians can enjoy both anime and video programs that play 24 hours. Each room has its own schedule that you can find online as well as in your Pocket Program and posted daily outside the rooms. Both rooms run a variety of short and long pieces, including classics and new releases.

Try to enter and leave these rooms quietly and without keeping the doors open longer than necessary. Like any theatrical performance, recording by the audience is not permitted.


Dealer’s Room

The Arisia Dealer’s room opens Friday evening and closes Monday afternoon, but is not open overnight. Dealer’s room hours are posted online and in the Pocket Program; however, individual vendors may not be open all of the listed hours. Each dealer will have a sign indicating what forms of payment they accept. The Westin has an ATM in the lobby if you find you need cash.

Some dealers vend items that are intended for adults. These vendors will be in a clearly marked area separated from the open floor. Please respect the posted age restrictions. As with any sales, vendors will collect applicable MA state sales taxes either by including tax in the posted item price or at the point of sale.

Many dealers can take custom orders or mail you items purchased at the convention. If you don’t see something you want, ask the dealer if they can help you get it. Since some of our dealers hand craft items they sell, exact copies may not be available.


Fan Tables

Arisia’s fan tables provide a way for fans to connect with each other, with organizations such as other conventions that are appeal to fans, and with activities of interest. The fan tables are at the top of the west escalator on the mezzanine level. Once set up, the tables are available throughout the convention, but their staffing hours may vary. If no one is at a table when you go by, look for a sign-up sheet or a brochure with contact information.

Some fan tables may sell things - such as memberships or tee shirts - that are not taxable under MA state law. Please check with the table owner to see if an item displayed is a freebie or an item for sale. Please be considerate and don’t block the walkways while standing at the fan tables.