Art Show Lottery FAQ


We had substantially more demand for Art Show space at Arisia 2017 than we could meet. After considering many options for how to allocate space, we decided to replace our previous first-come-first-served reservation system with a lottery. Although the lottery did not work perfectly, we thought it was fairer than first-come first-served and we are committed to improving it for 2018.

Why would you do this?

We don't think first-come first-served will result in the diverse show that our attendees have come to expect.

Won't this make the show boring?

This is not a jury. In fact it's a chance to make the show less homogenous, by allocating lottery space to artists in different media, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

Will this reduce my chances of getting in to the show?

As we grow in popularity we will have to turn more artists away. But we'd like to give a chance to as many artists as we can.

How come I can't get as much space as I want?

Every year we run out of places where 2-panel or 4-panel artists can be placed before we run out of space overall. We'd love to give everyone as much space as they request but failing that, we think it's better to give some artists less than they ask for than to give them nothing.

Will asking for more (or less) space improve my chances of getting space?

No, we'll be selecting artists and allocating space to selected artists as separate steps.

Well then, how can I improve my chances of getting space?

We will be giving bonus points in the lottery for the following:

  • Providing a URL for your web site, Etsy shop, or the like
  • Providing a brief blurb describing your art
  • Having sold many pieces (regardless of price) at one of the last two Arisias (we think this means our attendees like you)
  • Being on Arisia staff (if you'd like to join Arisia staff, please contact @email).

Additionally, artists who won awards at any of the last five Arisias will be able to bypass the lottery mechanism provided that they apply for space by the August 31 deadline.


I am unable to attend Arisia in person. Will asking for mail-in space or sending a representative to hang my work hurt my chances of getting space?

We will treat mail-in/agented artists and in-person artists equally in the lottery.

Will you still have a waiting list?

Yes, we will, and we expect to treat it as an extension of the lottery, including the possible allocation of space to artists who were not selected or who were not allocated as much space as they requested.

Will I have to pay in advance?

No, we'll collect payment once you are accepted.

When can I sign up?

Space requests are open now and close at midnight on August 31.

When will I find out if I am accepted?

Some artists who enter early may be accepted early. All artists will be notified of their acceptance status no later than September 10.

When will I need to pay, if I am accepted?

Artists accepted through the lottery will have at least 30 days to pay after acceptance -- more, if you are accepted early. Artists accepted from the waiting list may have less time as the convention approaches.

Couldn't you have just raised the prices instead?

We don't think that'd have been very nice to the artists, nor would it have resulted in the show we want to run or that our attendees want to see. Prices will remain unchanged from 2017: $28 per 4'x4' panel or $36 per 72"x30" table. Half units will be $18 for either panel or table space.

Is there anything else I should know about the Arisia Art Show?

New this year: we are requiring a sample image of your work for consideration in the Art Show lottery.
Plenty of other information is available in the Rules and Fees. If you are not familiar with science fiction art shows, there is a useful description on this page. Anne E G Nydam took a nice photo of her art up on our panels. And Kristina Carroll has a blog entry with a nice pic of how prints hang in the show.