Anime Theater

We will be showing a bunch of shows, non stop (24-hours a day) from Friday afternoon until Monday afternoon.

(Updated 1/7/2018)


4:00 PM - Digimon Adventure Tri: Reunion
It's been six years since that summer adventure when Tai and the rest of the DigiDestined crossed over to the Digital World, and nearly three years since the final battle between Kari's second generation DigiDestined and MaloMyotismon. At some point, the gate to the Digital World mysteriously closed. With the gate closed, the days continue to pass, until our heroes' adventure "digi-volves" once again! (dubbed in English)
5:30 PM - Ghost in the Shell: New Movie
When a ghost-infecting virus known as Fire-Starter begins spreading through the system resulting in the assassination of the Japanese Prime Minister, Major Motoko Kusanagi and her elite team of special operatives are called in to track down its source. As they delve deeper and deeper into their investigation, they uncover traces of government corruption and a shadowy broker that bears an all-too-familiar face. When your target can be anywhere and look like anyone, the only choice you have is to trust your ghost-- and hope you aren't infected too!
7:15 PM - Michiko & Hatchin episodes 1-3
Michiko is an escaped convict with a deadly disrespect for the lawmen trying to hunt her down. Hatchin is a hapless orphan pushed to the breaking point by the sadistic spawn of her foster parents. When fate - in the form of a mysterious man from their past - brings them together, the world better watch out! (subtitled in English)
8:30 PM - Madoka Magical episodes 1-3
Madoka Kaname, an eighth grader at Mitakihara middle school, lives a charmed life. One day, she has a very magical encounter. She doesn't know if it's by chance or by fate yet, but this meeting will change her destiny. This is the beginning of a new story of magical girls... (dubbed in English)
9:45 PM - Skip Beat! episodes 1-3
Kyoko Mogami followed her true love Sho to Tokyo to support him while he made it big as a pop idol. But now that he's famous, he's pushing her out! Kyoko won't suffer in silence - she's going to get her sweet revenge on Sho by becoming an acting starlet and beating him at show biz! (dubbed in English)
11:00 PM - Genocidal Organ
While developed countries rely on advanced surveillance to free them from the threat of terrorism, other nations are plagued by genocide within their own borders. Strangely, these massacres all link back to one American by the name of John Paul. Special agent Clavis Shepherd is sent to capture the target, but nothing can prepare this soldier—or the world—for the truth behind humanity's darkness. (dubbed in English)


1:00 AM - The GoShogun Movie Special
In the futuristic 21st century, young Kenta is whisked away by the mysterious Good Thunder, a team of super robot jockeys. His late father's discovery, an energy source called Beamler, is in danger thanks to the evil Docooga crime syndicate. Now it's up to Kenta's new friends Shingo, Killy, and Remy to pilot the mysterious and mighty robot GoShogun and save the day! (subtitled in English)
1:45 AM - GoShogun: The Time Etranger
40 years after the events of GoShogun, pilot Remy Shimada suffers a terrible accident while on her way to a meeting with her old comrades. While they rush to the hospital, Remy floats between life and death, seeing visions of her life when she was young, and stranger still, a hallucination of being with her friends, all of them young again, in a mysterious city filled with hostile fanatics. Remy struggles to find a way out of the City of Fate, relying on the memories of her friends to see her through. (subtitled in English)
3:15 AM - Lupin the 3rd: Island of Assassins
Lupin is framed for the murder of Inspector Zenigata by a mysterious assailant holding a silver-colored Walther P38 pistol Lupin himself once owned. Tracking the true killer leads Lupin to the island of the bloodthirsty Tarantula assassins inside the Devil's Triangle. After joining the spider-tattooed army against their will, Lupin and his gang make both new friends and enemies as they not only plan to take home the Tarantulas' massive gold repository for themselves, but hunt down the shooter from Lupin's past. Can Lupin put to rest this demon who haunts his memories with the Walther P38?
4:45 AM - Lupin the 3rd: Operation Return the Treasure!
Master criminal Lupin the 3rd is at it again! An elusive meteoric gemstone called the "Trick Diamond" was once hidden inside Spain's Sagrada Familia cathedral. In pursuit of the diamond, Lupin receives a message from his recently-deceased rival thief, Mark Williams. Mark's challenge: return the treasures! Five treasures—all stolen by Mark in his heyday—must be returned to their original homes within seven days, or Lupin will never find the diamond's hiding place. It's a race of restoration and complication in Operation: Return the Treasure!!
(subtitled in English)
6:15 AM - Speed Racer episodes 1-3
Speed Racer is an 18-year-old boy who dreams of driving his car, the incredible Mach 5, in professional races around the world. When the going gets tough and meddling crooks keep him from the finish line, he always finds a way to make it through. Join Trixie, Pops, Spritle, Chim Chim, and the whole gang as they root for Speed in the most nail-biting, death-defying races in history! (dubbed in English)
7:30 AM - Galaxy Angel episodes 1-6
Milfeulle Sakuraba is the newest member of the Angel Brigade, a branch of the Transvaal Empire military whose primary mission is to search for relics known as ‘Lost Technology'. The only problem is that no one actually knows what the Lost Technology is! Relegated to performing menial tasks of the highest priorities: a search for lost kittens, defusing of a talking missile, and delivering an old school I.D The Angel Brigade's here to save the galaxy... one planet at a time! (subtitled in English)
8:45 AM - Kizumonogatari Part I: Tekketsu
One day, Koyomi Araragi encounters the horrifying vampire, Kiss-shot Acerola-orion Heart-under-blade A.K.A. the "King of Apparitions." He saves the fatally wounded Kiss-shot by offering his blood at the expense of his own life as a human. Now Koyomi has to face the vampire hunters who stole Kiss-Shot's limbs, in order to retrieve them... (subtitled in English)
10:00 AM - Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale
A next-generation, wearable multi-device called the Augma has been released to compete with the NerveGear's successor, the Amusphere. A cutting-edge machine boasting the ability to enhance AR (Augmented Reality) to the maximum, the Augma offers a safe, user-friendly experience, as it can be used while the player is awake, making it an instant hit. Its most popular title is an ARMMORPG developed exclusively for the Augma: Ordinal Scale, aka OS. Kirito is about to join Asuna and the others as an Ordinal Scale player, but they're about to find out that it isn't all fun and games... (dubbed in English)
12:00 PM - The Red Turtle
The Red Turtle marks the much-anticipated return of Studio Ghibli, this masterfully animated fantasy film tells the story of a man shipwrecked at sea who becomes stranded on a beautiful but desolated island. He learns to live in isolation, seemingly tormented in his efforts to escape the island by a giant red turtle. Miraculously, he soon comes upon a young woman also lost at sea and they create a family together.
1:30 PM - Fate/Grand Order
The year: AD 2017, the last era in which magecraft still thrives. The Chaldea Security Organization was founded to ensure the continuation of human history. They survey a world which magecraft couldn't observe and science couldn't measure all to prevent the certain extinction of humanity. But one day, the promising future disappears-- and a singularity in Fuyuki City is the source of the disruption. Chaldea issues an order to explore, investigate, and possibly destroy this singularity – a quest for the Holy Grail, the Grand Order! (dubbed in English)
2:45 PM - Gundam Thunderbolt: December Sky
The One Year War isn't over yet! In the treacherous Thunderbolt Sector, a patch of space dominated by the ruined Moore Colony, a unit of Federation troops made up of Moore survivors struggles to reclaim their homeland. On the other side, the Zeon have deployed an experimental pilot team of badly wounded combat veterans with prosthetic limbs, the Living Dead Division. Aces Io Fleming and Daryl Lorentz are on opposite sides, and they know just one thing: they're destined to kill each other! (dubbed in English)
4:00 PM - Momotaro: Sacred Sailors
As the Pacific War of the 1940s picks up, Japan is defended from nefarious western invaders by the noble Momotaro and his brave animal friends. Momotaro, Sacred Sailors was Japan's first feature-length animated film. A notable accomplishment for its time, the project was funded by the Navy Ministry of Japan during World War II. Along with another early masterpiece, The Spider and the Tulip, these films are presented as milestones of the Japanese animation industry and historical artifacts of World War II.
5:15 PM - In This Corner of the World
The award-winning story of In this Corner of the World follows a young lady named Suzu Urano, who in 1944 moves to the small town of Kure in Hiroshima to live with her husband's family. Suzu's life is thrown into chaos when her town is bombed during World War II. Her perseverance and courage underpin this heart-warming and inspirational tale of the everyday challenges faced by the Japanese in the midst of a violent, war-torn country. (subtitled in English)
7:15 PM - The Dragon Dentist (episodes 1-2)
Going into war against a dragon takes incredible courage, but even that danger pales in comparison to the hazards of young Nonoko's job. As a Dragon Dentist, she's charged with venturing into the jaws of the country's dragon protector to keep its pearly canines free of plaque, decay, and other debris. One day, Nonoko discovers an unconscious soldier between her dragon's teeth instead of a cavity, and she finds herself caught up in a series of events that have been foretold to bring disaster to her people! (dubbed in English)
9:15 PM - Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars
C'mon you apes, you wanna live forever?! The bugs have breached Mars and the Federation's Fleet is too far away to help. It's up to Johnny Rico, Diz Flores, and the Federation's finest marines to save the planet. On the bounce, Troopers! The only good bug is a dead bug! (dubbed in English)
10:45 PM - HELLS
Rinne Amagane's new school is really something else. The other girls are ghoulish, the teachers are terrifying, and the headmaster is Hellvis, a demon in tight pants and white sequins with a craving for rock n' roll. There's just one problem: Rinne's not supposed to be here! When Rinne meets others like her, living souls in the land of the dead, she learns that Hellvis himself is the reason that Hell is turned upside down! (subtitled in English)


12:45 AM - Adieu Galaxy Express 999
Earth has become a battlefield between finite and infinite life, humans and machines. Caught in this struggle, Tetsuro Hoshino receives a message from Maetel, instructing him to ride the Galaxy Express 999 once again. Tetsuro is shocked to learn that, not only is Maetel not aboard the GE999, but the train's destination is unknown... (dubbed in English)
3:00 AM - Lupin the 3rd: Voyage to Danger
Someone sent orders to assassinate Lupin! After the intrepid Inspector Zenigata is reassigned from the Lupin case to destroying the international weapon smugglers Shot Shell, master thief Lupin the Third decides to help the old man get his old job back. If that weren't enough, Zenigata's Interpol successor is an assassin with orders to take out the entire Lupin Gang! (subtitled in English)
4:30 AM - Ranma 1/2 Movie 1: Big Trouble in Nekronon, China!
It's just another day at the Tendo Anything-Goes Martial Arts Training Hall - that is, until a strange girl named Lychee and her giant elephant Jasmine arrive! A zany mix-up involving scrolls sees the Prince Kirin whisk Akane away, so Ranma & Co. have no choice but to follow Prince Kirin's majestic flying barge all the way to Nekonron, China, where they find themselves in a showdown with the Seven Lucky Gods of martial arts! (dubbed in English)
5:45 AM - Astroboy episodes 1-3
In a future where science fiction is reality, Dr. Boynton creates a super-robot in his deceased son's image. Named Astro Boy, the robot can swim oceans, leap over mountains and even fly into space - but he can't replace the doctor's son. Abandoned and disowned, soon Astro Boy is befriended by Dr. Packadermus J. Elefun of the Institute of Science, and together, they embark upon an amazing adventure. With super strength, rocket-powered flight, a selfless heart and a kind demeanor, Astro Boy fights a never-ending crusade against the forces of evil! (dubbed in English)
7:00 AM - Transformers: The Movie
For millennia, the heroic Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, have been at war with the evil Megatron and his Decepticons over control of their home planet of Cybertron. However, an even greater threat - Unicron, a colossal converting planet that devours everything in its path - is heading right for Cybertron. The only hope is the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. Will the Autobots be able to save themselves and their home world in time? (dubbed in English)
8:30 AM - Valerian and Laureline episodes 1-3
The first rule of time travel is to never change anything. Otherwise, the resulting "butterfly effects" can ripple through time and wreak untold havoc on the unwritten future. But on his last test as a Space Time Agent, Valerian messes up. Not only does he save someone who would have been killed, but he'd have died himself if Laureline hadn't rescued him! As a result, nothing in the future is where he left it-- including the Earth! Based on the same classic French comics that inspired the 2017 movie! (dubbed in English)
9:45 AM - Boruto: Naruto the Movie
The Hidden Leaf Village is planning to host the Chunin Exams to train new shinobi from the village and from their allied villages. Among the entrants are Sasuke's daughter, Sarada, Mitsuki, an exceptionally talented yet mysterious shinobi... And Boruto, Naruto's talented but impetuous son. But the mysterious and ominous Momoshiki and Kinshiki appear and attempt to assassinate Naruto. Petrified, Boruto is shielded by Naruto-- only to see his dad, the Hokage, disappear! (dubbed in English
11:30 AM - Tamako Love Story
While everyone else is excited about high school finally coming to an end, Tamako has a sad realization: getting older means losing touch with friends as they drift off to new lives. While Tamako's friends all seem to have big plans and amazing dreams, Tamako's never thought beyond staying right where she is, working in her family's mochi shop. But maybe she won't be as alone as she thinks-- because there may be someone who wants to make plans that include Tamako! (subtitled in English)
1:00 PM - Your Name
Mitsuha and Taki are complete strangers living separate lives... until they suddenly switch places. Mitsuha wakes up in Taki's body, and he in hers. This occurrence happens randomly, and they must adjust their lives around each other. Yet, somehow, it works. The two teenagers build a connection by leaving notes for one another until they wish to finally meet. But something stronger than distance may keep them apart. (dubbed in English)
3:00 PM - Girls und Panzer: This is the Real Anzio Battle!
For the enthusiasts who've puzzled over the epic tank battle between the girls of Oorai Girls' Academy and their Italian-themed rivals from Anzio High School, we present these classified videos for your eyes-only! Miho and Team Oorai will have their hands full with the impulsive attacks of Vice-Commander Pepperoni and facing the raw fury of Vice-Commander Carpaccio... but the real question is whether they can hold off Anchovy's ultra-secret secret weapons! Will they persevere? Or will their opponents end up saying "tank" you very much... for the victory?! (subtitled in English)
3:45 PM - Girls und Panzer der Film
When the Ministry of Education goes back on its promise to keep Ooarai Girls Academy open, the task of saving the five-mile-long Academy Ship from the wreckers falls to Miho and her barely-seasoned tankery team. However, things go off track almost immediately. While the Oorai tank crew may have won the high school tournament, they're now facing a larger and more experienced university team, and if they fail, their armored vehicles will be forfeit! Will they be swapping their tanks for the memories? (subtitled in English)
5:45 PM - Time of Eve: The Movie
Rikuo, a high school student, has been taught from childhood that androids are not to be viewed as humans, and has always used them as convenient tools. One day Rikuo discovers some strange data in the behavior records of his family's household android, Sammy. Rikuo and his friend Masaki trace Sammy's movements, only to discover a mysterious cafe that features a house rule that "humans and robots are to be treated the same"... (subtitled in English)
7:15 PM - The Adolescence of Utena
Utena duels her classmates to protect her friend Anthy, who is the key to a magical power that could make her dream - to become a prince - come true. But Anthy hides a terrible secret, and Utena must face the truth about herself and those she loves and learn what it means to be a true hero. (subtitled in English)
9:00 PM - Osamu Tezuka's Metropolis
In the industrial, tri-level world of Metropolis, Duke Red is a powerful leader with plans to unveil a highly advanced robot named Tima. But Duke Red's violent son Rock distrusts robots, and intends to find and destroy Tima. Lost in the confusing labyrinth beneath Metropolis, Tima is beginning a friendship with the young nephew of a Japanese detective. But when Duke Red separates the two innocents, Tima's life - and the fate of the city - is dangerously at stake. (subtitled in English)
10:30 PM - Resident Evil: Vendetta
BSAA officer Chris Redfield enlists the help of agent Leon S. Kennedy and Prof. Rebecca Chambers to stop Arias, a death merchant, from spreading a deadly variant of the Raccoon City T-Virus in New York City. (dubbed in English)


12:30 AM - Gatchaman: The Movie
The Earth is in peril and mankind seems doomed! Led by the sinister mutant Berg Katse, the international terrorist organization known as GALACTOR has launched its armies of henchmen and giant weapons of mass destruction against the entire planet. But the forces of evil are about to meet their match! Utilizing incredible fighting techniques, and with the mighty ship God Phoenix at their command, the Science Ninja Team stands ready to take the battle back to the bad guys and their evil alien overlords! (dubbed in English)
2:30 AM - Lupin the 3rd: Fujiko Mine episodes 1-3
She's a thief. A killer. A saint and a scandal. She's whatever you need her to be to get the job done. She takes your breath away to get what she wants. She takes everything else just because she can. It's all in a night's work for the woman called Fujiko Mine, the sharp, self-possessed, and powerful thread that holds Lupin III's crew together-- and this is the heist that started it all. (subtitled in English)
3:45 AM - Arcadia of My Youth: Endless Orbit SSX episodes 1-3
Far into the future, a terrible alien menace named Illumidas has conquered Earth. War hero Captain Harlock and his faithful crew are forced to flee into space on their cutting-edge battleship. As they travel the galaxy fighting injustice, Harlock dreams of some day finding Arcadia, a legendary planet where all humans can be free. But the Illumidas — assisted by a brilliant and traitoroushuman engineer - have other plans. Harlock and his allies are declared pirates, under the code name SSX! (subtitled in English)
5:00 AM - Ninja Nonsense episodes 1-3
Shinobu, a pretty young ninja-in-training, is a student of the great ninja master Onsokumaru – a lecherous, loud, shapeshifting yellow ball. Onsokumaru sends Shinobu out on a mission of vital importance, but in the midst of failing miserably, she manages to befriend hot-tempered schoolgirl Kaede, and the two quickly find themselves embarking on countless outrageous adventures with Onsokumaru and his ninja clan. (dubbed in English)
6:15 AM - Hi-SCool! Seha Girls episodes 1-6 (subtitled in English)
Three girls meet for the first time at the start of a new semester in a brand new school. But these aren't just any girls, and this isn't just any school! Dreamcast, Sega Saturn, and Mega Drive might be the names of SEGA gaming consoles, but at Sehagaga Academy, they're also three girls destined for greatness! Can they fight their way through the blocky polygons of Virtua Fighter? Can their dance moves get them high enough ratings in Space Channel 5? And that isn't all!
7:30 AM - Yowamushi Pedal the Movie
After the Inter High cycling race finishes, Sakamichi and the other Sohoku team members receive an invitation to compete in the "Kumamoto Hi Province Mountain Range Race." The top-tier teams from around the country participate in this race, including Sohoku's rivals Hakone Academy (who yearns to take down Sohoku), Kyoto Fushimi, and Hiroshima Kureminami — as well as Kumamoto Daiichi High School's team led by Shin Yoshimoto, the "climber of fire." On the stage of Kumamoto Prefecture's Mount Aso, the curtain rises for the "final race" of the Sohoku team led by Kinjo! (subtitled in English)
9:00 AM - Beyond the Boundary: I'll Be HERE
Can anyone outrun their past forever? Mirai Kuriyama's ability to control and manipulate her blood, even to use it as a weapon, has left her an outcast and pariah. But a chance encounter with Akihito Kanbara, whose own lineage is only partially human and allows him to heal from almost any injury, may have finally given her a chance at finding peace. When the cost of that path becomes apparent, will the two of them be willing to pay the price for a true happy ending? Even if it's achieved, how long can it last in a world where Mirai's mere existence is seen as a lethal threat? (dubbed in English)
12:00 PM - Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture
According to legend, the person who collects all six pieces of the mysterious Armor of Mars will become heir to the timeless, all powerful techniques rumored to be at the base of all the world's martial arts... schools, techniques upon which both Master Tung and Wolfgang Krauser's techniques are based. Laocorn Gaudeamus, arrogant young descendant of the armor's long-ago original owner, has scoured archaeological sites around the world, thus far managing to recover half of the mystical armor. Can anything stand in his way? Terry Bogard sure can!
1:30 PM - Blue Exorcist: The Movie
Everyone is in the midst of preparing for a festival that takes place once every 11 years in True Cross Academy Town. However, behind the scenes in the shadows, a “Phantom Train” goes berserk while the barriers protecting the town from demons is under repair. Rin, Yukio, and Shiemi are sent to exorcise the Phantom Train, but Rin complicates the situation as always. Among all of the chaos, Rin meets a demon in the form of a young boy... (dubbed in English)
2:30 PM - One Piece Film Z
Said to be comparable to the Ancient Weapons of old, the Marines' trump card, the "Dyna Stones," have suddenly been stolen by a group of renegade vigilantes. The terrifyingly powerful man responsible, former Marine Admiral "Z," now stands in the path of Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates. Can the Straw Hats defeat "Z" and his crew, or will the New World meet its end at the hands of this mad man? (dubbed in English)