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Email @email with general questions about Arisia.
Use or email @email with your comments and followup on the convention.
Email @email to report harassment or other inappropriate conduct you experienced or observed at the con. We want to know what happened, even after the convention.

If you are looking for a particular Arisia department, see the table below.

General Information @email
Accessibility @email
Advertising in the Souvenir Book @email
Anime @email
ArisiaTV @email
Art Show @email
Childcare (2-6) @email
ConChair @email
Dealers @email
Events @email
Fan Tables @email
Filking @email
Food (Consuite, Staff Den, Green Room) @email
Gaming @email
Hotel Liaison @email
Kids' Programs (6-12) @email
Masquerade @email
Parties @email
Press Liaison @email
Programming @email
Promotions/Freebies @email
Publications @email
Registration @email
Student Art Contest @email
Student Writing Contest @email
Tax Ids @email
Teen Lounge @email
Teen Unconference @email
Video @email
Volunteering @email
The Watch (Security) @email

Other ways to reach us:

  • For Arisia corporate business, please see this page.
  • To comment about the website itself, write to @email.
  • Our Postal address is:
    Arisia, Inc.
    561 Windsor St
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